Winning Entries

These three photos and captions were selected as the winning entries in the contest that asked this question:

Is your dog helping you get through the difficult restrictions we’re all dealing with because of the COVID-19 pandemic? (I bet the answer is YES!) It’s tough having to stay home—from school, work, friends, and all the fun activities that are normally part of life. Is having a dog in your house helping you handle it? 

Contest Rules: Send in a photo and caption that shows and tells how your amazing dog (or dogs) is helping you stay strong, stay safe, stay sane, and stay happy during this challenging time—and be automatically entered for a chance to win a prize.

All the photos we received were terrific, and each one told a moving story. It was a difficult task to narrow it down but our panel of judges chose these three entries because of how well the photo and caption captured the unique and difficult experience of living through the COVID-19 pandemic while still finding beauty, joy, and humor thanks to the dogs in our lives. 

First Prize – Arleen’s Dog Reilly

Reilly reminds me that after every storm there is sunshine.
Look for the joy that puddles bring.

First Prize - Reilly

Second Prize – Saint

Hey mom and dad this is a perfect time to chill out! Let’s snuggle ’cause this pillow just doesn’t cut it!

Second Prize - Saint

Third Prize – Buddy

A good nap is much better
than reading the news!!

Third Prize Buddy
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