WILL YOU LOVE ME? The Rescue Dog that Rescued Me, by Barby Keel

WILL YOU LOVE ME? The Rescue Dog that Rescued Me, by Barby Keel

This is the true tale of the profound impact a dog in need of love made on his seasoned rescuer (Barby Keel). The story chronicles their incredible healing journey, which began the night Bailey the greyhound was dumped on her doorstep. Although Barby is experienced at saving the lives of neglected animals, the visible marks of Bailey’s mistreatment bring her to tears.  She is not sure he will even survive the night. He does survive, however, with small sips of water and spoonfuls of food, wrapped in a blanket kept warm in human arms.  With love and determination, a strong will to live, and a loving caretaker who sees his full potential, Bailey begins a journey to become the dog he always deserved to be.

Barby is healing, too.  Her illness has made her weak and vulnerable, like Bailey. But the act of caring for him somehow strengthens her.  Together they travel back to their best selves but eventually that journey leads to the anguish of letting go—with tears and love and gratitude. 

As the publisher notes, Will You Love Me? “reminds us that, in rescuing others, we rescue ourselves.”

About the Author: Barby Keel is the founder of the Barby Keel Animal Sanctuary, located in Bexhill, England, where thousands of unwanted animals have been saved since its founding more than 50 years ago. It all began when Keel was a young woman in her twenties: she purchased some land, built a house, and then dedicated her life to caring for neglected, abused, and abandoned animals. Many were simply left at her door; others came to her after she was contacted by friends and strangers alike. She and her volunteers take them all, providing shelter and love, and finding them forever-homes.

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