Why A Good ID Tag Is Essential For Your Dog

Did you know that every year in the U.S. 10 million pets get inadvertently separated from their families and become “lost” or “missing?” That statistic comes from American Humane. Millions of these lost dogs end up in animal shelters; of the dogs without ID tags or microchips, only 15 percent of them are reunited with their owners.

To remind us of the importance of keeping good ID tags on dogs, the second week of April is national “Pet ID Week.” During those seven days, a series of info campaigns urge us to make sure that not only are our dogs wearing identifications tags on their collars but also that the tags are still accurate (have you moved, and/or changed your cell phone number?), and legible. Too often the engraved information has been badly scratched or worn away to the point of no longer serving any useful purpose.

 All dogs need to wear up-to-date ID tags—even so-called “indoor” dogs that “never” go outside. All it takes is a visitor who neglects to close a gate or door and a sad scenario is set in motion.

And it’s not just heartbreaking for the family of the missing dog and the dog itself; lost dogs can cause car accidents. More than 1,000,000 dogs wandering in the streets are hit by cars and killed each year in the US, according to The Pet’s Tech. The emotional trauma such an incident causes to the driver and occupants of the car is significant, not to mention any physical injury. 

Dog with a stick

My research of what’s currently on the market for dog ID tags led me to Pawdentify, a company whose founders include a creative team of passionate dog-lovers, including three veterinarians. I was impressed with their backgrounds, their mission, and their products. And, as someone who has shared her life with six dogs (and counting) over the years, I can attest to my knowledge of dog ID tag options.   

What sets Pawdentify ID tags apart is how they are constructed, which is directly responsible for (1) how easy they are to read—no matter how old they are, and (2) how durable they are—no matter the rough-and-tumble life-style of your dog. As you’ll see, you can customize your tag to suit your tastes, needs, and the size of your dog. I encourage you to check them out and treat yourself and your dog to a new tag along with the terrific tag connector designed by Pawdentify (be sure to watch the video, too).

Beagle in the sunshine with ID tag

With the arrival of spring’s warmer weather and longer days, we are all spending more time outdoors. And, with summer just around the corner and the pandemic waning, we are looking forward to hosting—finally—backyard barbeques, pool parties, movies under the stars, and anything whatsoever that taps into our pent-up need for fun with others. That also means more opportunities for dogs to slip out of the backyard or house as guests come and go. So, have a plan in place to prevent that from happening but also be sure your dog is wearing a legible, up-to-date ID tag.

We’ve made it through a horrific year and our dogs have been a huge part of how we’ve coped; every day they offer unconditional love and help us focus on the joy of life. Let’s do everything we can to keep them safe. They’re worth it.      


Attention veterinarians: Pawdentify has a website just for you! Check it out for opportunities to improve customer satisfaction as well as dog health and safety, and to market your practice while increasing revenue.  

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