The Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild

Starring Harrison Ford, this movie is the most recent film adaptation of Jack London’s beloved literary classic, The Call Of The Wild, and it doesn’t disappoint.  The story and the spectacular scenery will appeal to viewers of nearly all ages, making it a great choice for a family-movie-night. 

The star of the story is a dog named Buck, whose life changes dramatically when he leaves a comfy home in California and becomes part of a dog-sled mail delivery team in the wild and snowy Alaskan Yukon. It’s the height of the Gold Rush, an era that attracted misfits and adventurers to remote places where survival was a daily challenge. When Thornton (Harrison Ford) meets Buck, the two form a bond that changes both of them forever. Their journey together gives us lessons hardship, faith, perseverance and, of course, the love that can exist between a man and his dog.       

The Call of the Wild Trailer

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