Saving Sadie: How a Dog That No One Wanted Inspired the World, by Joal Derse Dauer and Elizabeth Ridley

Saving Sadie Book Cover

Joal Derse Dauer was already a person with a dog (and two cats) at home when she first saw Sadie, an injured and despondent dog, at a local shelter. Joal had stopped by simply to donate blankets; she wasn’t looking to adopt another dog. But there was something special about Sadie.

Saving Sadie tells the story of how, with Joal’s patience, hope, and love, Sadie grows in strength and joy. Before long, we learn that Sadie transformed Joal’s life, too, and in ways she never could have imagined.
Joyous and inspiring, Saving Sadie is a triumphant story about the power of unconditional love and second chances—for humans and animals alike.

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About the Authors: 

Joal Derse Dauer has had a lifelong passion for animals and has worked as a Transitional Organization Specialist for more than twenty-five years. In addition to Sadie, she is a “mom” to a Border collie mix named Sparky and two cats, Miss Kitty and Kit Kat. Saving Sadie is her first book. Together she and Sadie travel the country spreading their important messages about special needs acceptance, anti-bullying, and strengthening the laws and punishments regarding animal cruelty and abuse.

Elizabeth Ridley is the author of five novels and a two-time writing fellowship recipient. She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Northwestern and a master’s degree in creative writing from The University of East Anglia in England. She is a proud “cat mom” to Claudius and Calpurnia.

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