Pick Of The Litter

Pick of the Litter Movie

“It’s really hard to become a guide dog. It’s takes a very special, confident dog to be able to do this job,” one of the trainers tells us during this multi-award winning documentary of the Guide Dogs for the Blind organization.  This 2018 feature-length film, entitled “Pick of the Litter” was so well-received it has been developed into a television docu-series by the same name, which is available on the subscription streaming service, Disney+.

The documentary follows six dogs, from their first days as puppies, through the ups and downs of the intense, complex training they must undergo before a dog can be declared ready to guide a blind or sight-impaired person. Called “the ultimate canine career” by one of the trainers, it’s also one for which many dogs will not qualify. Enjoy a insider’s look at not only the dogs chosen for the program but also the people who love and train them, as well as those who are paired the dogs.

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Pick of the Litter movie - a Service Dogumentary
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