National Pet Month

Dog with tongue out

Did you know the entire month of May has been designated as National Pet Month—a time to “celebrate” the furry four-legged friends you share your life with? You may be thinking, “I celebrate my dog every day of the year!” (That’s my reaction, anyway.) So, why even mention this calendar distinction?

National Pet Month was established many years ago by a major pet-food company, perhaps inspired by the annual week-long National Pet Week, which was initiated by the American Veterinary Medical Association in 1981. Since then, the first full week of May has been so designated with each day of that week dedicated to a specific topic, such as nutrition, socialization, travel safety, and so on.


Whether you have a calendar that reminds you of the month-long or week-long recognition of the import roles our pets play in our lives, the big take-away should simply be this: Remember the role YOU play in your dog’s life, and be sure you are providing your pet with the essentials that enhance their health, happiness, and longevity.  

I know—you’ve been busy spring-cleaning, and busy taking photos of your good-looking dog for the photo-contest. Both of those activities are good for your dog—and for you, too.

4 dogs out for walk in city park
Dog running
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