“Indoguration” for President Biden’s Rescue Dog, Major

Dogs in the White House
Another well-known dog in the White House. Soon Biden’s dogs will be running on the front lawn.

Every print, radio, and television medium covered it—the return of a long-standing tradition: beloved canine members of the First Family would be living in the White House. (President Donald Trump was the first President in 100 years who did not have a family dog to bring along to the White House, according to a story in The Washington Post.)   

The announcement was not only a welcome piece of fun news during a difficult time for our nation as we continue to battle the social, economic, and health effects of the coronavirus pandemic, but also a noteworthy one for friends of dogs; the Biden’s dog, Major, had been a shelter dog before the Biden’s adopted him. And he is the first shelter dog to live in that historic house.

 To shine a spotlight on the need for shelter dogs to find foster and forever homes, and to raise money to support their work, the Delaware Humane Association (the shelter from which the Bidens adopted Major) held a “virtual” ceremony—an ‘indoguration’ is what the DHA called it. The response was enthusiastic; more than 6,000 dog lovers had signed up to participate in the Zoom event (which was held the Sunday before the Presidential Inauguration), days in advance.

Major and his buddy, Champ, the Biden’s other German shepherd, have received plenty of attention from the media so far, and it looks like these two happy and photogenic canines will continue to do so for a long time to come. And why shouldn’t they? They are no doubt providing their family with love, joy, and comfort as the President and First Lady take on the awesome responsibilities of their new roles.

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