Gifts for Dog-Lovers (and for Dogs!)

The way we’ll celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, or Kwanzaa this year—or any other annual December holiday—will be different from what most of us do traditionally.  The coronavirus crisis means we will not be gathering for large family get-togethers. Nor will we be shopping for gifts by strolling along our favorite Main Street, enjoying lights and window displays as we go, or riding the escalators in multi-floored department stores as the sounds of a grand piano in the lobby fill the air. But we can still have a joy-filled holiday. And gifts can be meaningful—for the giver as well as the recipient.

Shopping online is more popular than ever as we follow advisories to avoid crowds this year. Your purchases for the dog-lovers in your life can be made that way, too. And, if that gift is a donation made in honor of a loved-one to a non-profit organization that helps dogs in need, or that trains dogs to help humans in need, you will accomplish three wonderful things with a single gift: (1.) you will be delighting the recipient who will be notified by the organization that a gift has been made in his/her honor; (2.) you will be providing much-needed financial support to an agency that helps dogs in need (sheltering, fostering, providing medical care, and so on), or that trains dogs to help humans in need (military veterans, the sight-impaired, hospitalized patients, and so on); and (3.) you will be giving yourself the tax benefit of an eligible charitable contribution.   

Visit the Friends tab for a list of 14 organizations whose sole purpose is to help dogs in need, and/or to train dogs to help humans in need.  Your contribution can become the perfect gift for that friend or family member who always say, “Don’t give me anything this year, I have all I’ll ever need!” or to any dog-lover in your life.  Make this gift the start of a wonderful annual tradition, and spread the word with friends and colleagues.  You’ll be spreading joy and touching lives in ways far greater than you’ll ever know.

Best wishes from for a happy, healthy holiday filled with love.

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