Dogs’ Best Friends

You’ll find a list of non-profit organizations that are extraordinary “friends-to-dogs” on the main Friends page. Here, on this page—Dogs’ Best Friends—you’ll find a select list of retail products and services that are so outstanding I had to put them in the spotlight and bring them to your attention.

By the way, I do not receive any financial compensation for listing these companies. The information is intended simply to offer you the opportunity to explore an item or service that I believe is helpful and/or special enough to warrant a shout-out to fellow dog-lovers.

In a blog post this past May, I wrote about the importance of a good ID tag for your dog. That blog received such a positive reaction from readers, I decided to speak with the founders of Pawdentify and learn more about their products. Our conversation convinced me that their company deserved to be in this list of exceptional products and services. I hope you’ll check them out.

This page is a newly-launched feature here on The Dog’s Life; the list will continue to grow in the coming months. By signing up for my blog, Dogs Are Amazing, you will be automatically notified whenever an addition is made to this list. By the way, if you have a product or service you would like me to consider, please contact me.

Beagle with Pawdentify ID Tag

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