Far From Home: The adventures of yellow dog

Far From Home: The adventures of yellow dog

If you’re in a funk from the fatigue of a long Covid-19 summer that feels like an unending endurance contest, Far From Home is the movie for you.  And if your household includes kids who are wondering if they’ll ever be with their friends again, this is a movie for the whole family to watch together. 

Our hero is a young boy—or is it his dog?—who is put to the ultimate endurance test. What he learns along the way about friendship and sharing and teamwork when you are looking fear in the face is a timeless lesson but perhaps never more relevant than today.  As the movie trailer notes, “as long as they had each other, they had a chance” because “together, they did what neither could do alone.” 

 Filmed on the coast of British Columbia, the setting is gorgeous and the Canadian wilderness is the “classroom” for this gripping adventure.  Praised for its remarkable realism, wisdom and suspense, this Twentieth Century Fox picture makes for winning entertainment; it also provides a great “attitude adjustment” to Covid-19-weary kids and adults.

Far From Home: The adventures of yellow dog (trailer)

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