Gifts for Dog-Lovers (and for Dogs!)

The way we’ll celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, or Kwanzaa this year—or any other annual December holiday—will be different from what most of us do traditionally.  The coronavirus crisis means we will not be gathering for large family get-togethers. Nor will we be shopping for gifts by strolling along our favorite Main Street, enjoying lights and window …

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A Dog Named Christmas

Set on a sprawling farm, this movie tells the story of the McCray family—hard-working George and Maryann, and their son, Todd. One day during the weeks leading up to Christmas, Todd, who has a learning disability, hears a radio story about an opportunity to shelter a dog in need of a home.  His mom (Maryann) …

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Happiness Is My Dog

Four years ago, I became a dog person. Prior to Frankie, I would peer anxiously at dogs, stiff and wary. I was bitten by a chihuahua when I was seven years old. Dogs made me nervous, everyone knew this. So, when I announced we were adopting a puppy, my friends were incredulous.

War Dogs of the Pacific

This documentary tells the incredible true story of the marine war dog platoons of World War II. Produced and directed by award winning filmmaker Harris Done, “War Dogs of the Pacific” is a heart-warming exploration of the unique bond that formed between the young U.S. Marines and their dogs as they performed dangerous missions. Their …

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